My Story

When my own jewellery was stolen, indignation drove me to try and make replacements. Encouraged by a brilliantly creative friend, I was shown the principles and found it to be a craft that suited me.


Each item is individually made using traditional techniques, unusual textures and hammered effects. A number of pieces feature exquisitely detailed, intricate cast elements.

Ideas are translated from imagination, my drawing ability is virtually zero but never holds me back, rather I find it aids spontaneity and authenticity.

A little bit more...

I love the initial resistance of metal that submits to piercing, folding and forging fluid curves and intricate detail.

I work in precious metal, using gemstones to highlight or accentuate a detail.

And finally

Whilst my range may seem eclectic, there are characteristics that connect all collections - individuality, originality, narrative, surprise and humour.

My work sells in beautiful galleries across the UK. I am a fellow member of The Society of Botanical Artists.